Description of Wechsellatzdirndl (Swap-Latz-Dirndl)/Wechlellatzmieder (Swap-Latz-Corset) - Designed by Antonie

Wechsellatzmieder (Swap- Latz –Corset) Prices

Wechsellatzmieder (Swap-Latz-Corset) including 2 Latze


starting at 500 EUR

($637.50 exchange rate of 1.275 on 14 November 2012)

Depending on the design and material quality

Wechsellatzdirndl (Swap-Latz-Dirndl) and Wechsellatzmieder (Swap-Latz-Corset)

are only at Antonie Designer-Dirndl available.

Any protection claims over Latzwechsels refer

to Patent Attorneys ( -

Secured in Austria and Germany!

(Including the size adjustment)